Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


The Department of Environmental Studies prepares students for graduate school and employment by giving them a broad base of knowledge, skills, and field experiences in numerous areas of environmental science. We strive to give students broad perspectives, and the ability to integrate knowledge and information, with emphasis in one of three areas of concentration: ecology, earth science, or policy and management. Graduates of our department are able to understand their role in a more sustainable society and live as environmentally literate citizens through their understanding of environmental systems integrated with the liberal arts education at UNC Asheville.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Sustainability: Our students will understand how to live a sustainable lifestyle and why a sustainable society is important for the environment.
  • Information Analysis: Our students will demonstrate their knowledge by analyzing information in a concentration area [ecology, earth science, or policy and management].
  • Environmental Literate Citizens: Our students will graduate with the basic knowledge to be environmentally literate citizens.
  • Computer and Technology Competency: Our students will demonstrate proficiency in word-processing and spreadsheet software.
  • Oral Competency: Our students will be able to speak effectively about environmental issues, using slide presentation software such as PowerPoint.